DIR Contract DIR-CPO-4839


There are several easy ways to do this. Choose any one that fit your needs. (1) Obtain an online price 24/7 from www.directron.com. Send us the PO with the item description and price. (2) Send us a quote request through email or fax. Our experienced sales reps will quote you promptly. (3) Call our sales line to obtain a quote. Reference DIR contract number DIR-CPO-4839 on your quote requests and purchase orders. 

You are welcome to place purchase orders by email, fax, or phone.

Yes, we do for all government agencies, public schools, universities, and public corporations. Other entities will require an account application form to be submitted before we accept the purchase orders. Reference DIR contract number DIR-CPO-4839 on your quote requests and purchase orders. 

All of our products come with at least one-year limited warranty. However, we offer cost-effective warranty options to cover the entire life-cycle of any product including desktop, laptop, printers, and servers. Most IT products have an expected life cycle of five years at school districts. We strongly encourage our clients to purchase our products with five-year warranty so that the entire life cycle is covered.

Our five-year warranty is amazingly cost-effective. Send us an email or give us a call for a quote. You’ll be surprised how low the cost for the extended warranty is. It’s an offer that is hard for any one to refuse. Of course, the actual cost of the extended warranty depends on the quantity of the purchase, and types and values of the products. We offer low-cost extended warranty on desktops, laptops, printers, servers, projectors, and other products.

Our goal is a guaranteed lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

There are two main business models for warranty services – onsite and depot. Onsite means that we’ll dispatch our field technicians to where the equipment is to fix the problems. Depot means that the client will have a central location to keep the defective products. We’ll retrieve these products either through timely picking up services or shipping through common carriers. The depot service is often used for clients who are geographically away from our office locations.

Keep in mind that we also offer warranty services for third-party products.

Prime Systems offers a 30-day money back guarantee for the return of all purchases of unopened products except custom orders with a restocking fee that may apply.

Please click here to learn more about this program.

Product Description Product Number DIR Discount (% off MSRP) DIR Price
MimioTeach 1762262 29% $799.00
MimioProjector 280 non-interactive 1871801 33% $999.00
MimioProjector 280I interactive 1871802 41% $1,349.00
MimioProjector 280T Touch 1871803 39% $1,449.0
MimioDisplay 550T, Touch Screen Panel 1891501 23% $2,499.00
MimioDisplay 650T, Touch Screen Panel 1891601 23% $3,499.00
MimioDisplay 700T, Touch Screen Panel 1891701 13% $6,300.00
MimioDisplay 840T, Touch Screen Panel 1891801 13% $14,000.00
MimioBoard ME-77 1808927 21% $1,066.00
MimioVote - 32 handsets 1762266 36% $1,599.00
MimioBoard 780T touch board 1892101 24% $1,550.00
MimioPad 1834496 25% $299.00
MimioCapture 1865194 25% $299.00
MimioBoard 870T touch board 1892102 24% $1,900.00
MimioStudio User License 1910210 36% $249.00
MimioStudio Site License 1910220 35% $3,379.00
Annual MimioMobile Classroom License 1910310 36% $199.00
Annual MimioMobile Site License 1910320 35% $2,699.00
Solo 8 Plus (available in June/July) 13 MP, USB 3.0, 120 fps, slow motion recording, true 4K HCS8+ 10% $349.00
Solo 8 C Chromebook Compatible Model HCS8-C 10% $349.00
Clipper battery powered stand for use with iPad and Solo 8 Plus HCClipper 10% $49.00
Nillo 100 13 MP, WiFi, HDMI, VGA, USB 2.0, SD Card, WiFi, Blue Tooth HCNillo100 10% $399.00
HoverCam Solo 8 8.0 MP, USB 3.0, 30 fps HCS8 10% $349.00
HoverCam Ultra 8 HDMI, VGA, USB 3.0, LCD viewing monitor, 8MP, RS232 HCU8 9% $449.00
Hovercam Center Stage 65" interactive flat panel, 4K, Android OS, 10-point touch, VESA wall mount HCCS6510A 9% $1,399.00
Hovercam Center Stage 86" interactive flat panel, 4K, Android OS, 10-point touch, VESA wall mount HCCS8610 12% $4,899.00
Hovercam Pilot Android 1 Manual podium with doc cam, touch screen, Android QuadCore OS HCPA1 14% $999.00
Hovercam Pilot Windows 1 Manual podium up to 21" with doc cam, touch screen, i3 PC, Windows 10 HCPW1 10% $1,799.00
Hovercam Pilot Windows 2 Powered podium up to 21" with doc cam, touch screen, i5 PC, Windows 10 HCPW2 10% $2,499.00
Fixed height stand on wheels for use with 65" - 86" panel sizes HCCSSTFixed 10% $399.00
Hovercam Center Stage Stand Manual adjustable Manually adjustable from 60" – 98" HCCSSTManual 10% $799.00
Hovercam Center Stage Stand Motorized Telescopic Motorized, powered, stand HCCSSTMTele 10% $1,599.00
Hovercam Center Stage Stand Motorized Table Motorized, telescopic stand allows panel to be horizontal like a table HCCSSTMTable 14% $2,499.00
5 year on-site warranty 65" panel 5YRW65P 8% $329.00
5 year on-site warranty 86" panel 5YRW85P 8% $1,153.00
5 year on-site warranty Pilot Android 5YRWPA 8% $235.00
5 year on-site warranty Pilot Windows 1 5YRWPW1 8% $423.00
5 year on-site warranty Pilot Windows 2 5YRWPW2 8% $588.00
5 year on-site warranty motorized telescopic stand 5YRWMTele 8% $376.00
5 year on-site warranty Motorized Table Stand 5YRWMTable 8% $588.00
Anti-Glare Glass Option for 65" CenterStage Panel HCCS6510A-AG 13% $199.00
Anti-Glare Glass Option for 86" CenterStage Panel HCCS8610-AG 13% $299.00
Loop Through Adapter VGA/HDMI Switcher for Ultra HCVA 7% $49.99
AirStream Wireless HDMI Connector Kit HCWHDMIC 10% $299.00
VersoBoard Document Easel HCVB 6% $29.99
HoverCam Carrying Pouch HCCP 6% $5.99
EXUSB-30 (30ft,USB 2.0) USB30 6% $34.99
EXUSB-15 (15ft,USB 2.0) USB15 6% $24.99
EXUSB3-15 (15ft, USB 3.0) USB315 6% $39.99
EXUSB3-10 (10ft, USB 3.0) USB310 6% $29.99
Microscope Adapter for Solo and Ultra Series HCMA-S 7% $19.99
Positioning Mat HCPM 4% $5.99
PC Lock - Kensington Style for Document Camera HCKL 10% $15.00
HoverCam Ultra Mount HCUM 10% $39.99
HoverCam Solo Mount HCSM 10% $49.00
Power Adapter for Ultra HCPA-U 10% $19.99
RS232C Cable for Ultra HCRS232C 10% $29.99
Prime Systems
Custom Integrated Audio Visual Carts Prime-AV-C 25% $2,800.00
Custom Integrated Audio Visual Classroom Solutions Prime-AV-S 25% $2,400.00
Custom Integrated Classroom Interactivity Solutions Prime-AV-I 25% $2,900.00
Custom Integrated Student Respone Systems Prime-SRS 25% $1,400.00
Service Description Product Number DIR Discount (% off MSRP) DIR Price
Laser Engraving for tablets SVS-ENG-T 35% $5.00
Laser Engraving for notebooks SVS-ENG-N 35% $5.00
Configuration of Android tablets CONF-AND 35% $10.00
Configuration/Imaging of Windows tablets CONF-WIN 35% $10.00
Configuration of interactive tablets CONF-TAB 35% $10.00
Training SVS-Training 35% $35.00/hour
Hourly Support SVS-Support 35% $25.00/hour
Asset Tagging SVS-Asset 35% $5.00
Disposal SVS-Disp 35% $5.00
Deployment of Interactive Whiteboard SVS-Inst-WBD 35% $50.00
Set up of student response system SVS-SRS 35% $20.00


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